The Reason

After losing my mom just a little over a month ago, having my dad come stay with us two weeks, lots of company for Thanksgiving (most of them staying in our home) and preparing for our first college graduation, things have been a little hectic for this mommy.  Hectic would be okay if the everyday chores could be put on hold.  No, grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, planning and preparation of meals, homework, taking non-drivers to work, and ALL the other things that we, as moms, do day-in and day-out, have to be done.

With black Friday and cyber Monday comes very tragic news and we are off again, to the funeral of our 21 year old nephew dying of a blood clot.

 The unexpected, the needs of each member of my family, the lists of teacher’s gifts, and so on, continues to grow.   I want the roller coaster to stop so I can get off. 

For each of us moms, there are so many additional things we must do at this time of year, yet none of the regular duties can be placed on hold.  There is one way we can come out on top of this season with our sanity intact. We must remember the reason for all that we do. 

I want God to be glorified and made known in every area of my life.  In the midst of all that may come at me, I desire to represent Christ to those around me.  Jesus, truly is, the reason for the season and everyday to come.  So, I pray for us…

                Lord, slow us down today, enough to remember that all that we say, all that we do, all that we are, all that we need is in You.  You are the reason we have breath, life and live.  May all our efforts point others to our hope in You.  In Jesus’ name, AMEN.

5 years

It has taken me 5 years to complete and publish the book SOS:SICK OF SEX.  In these 5 years there has been 4 high school graduations, 1 college graduation, 2 new additions to our family and the launch of a new church plant.  In the 5 years there have been a host of odd jobs to help pay for a professional editor.  Now, with ten children, publishing this book has been no easy feat, but a necessary one.

We must expose the lies of the enemy and proclaim God’s truth.  God created sex for a husband and wife’s mutual pleasure.  It is a good and perfect gift to us trampled on by the enemy to rob from us what God has graciously given to us.

It is God’s desire for us to have a fantastic intimacy with our husbands and with Him.  No matter how long or difficult your intimacy road, we must begin the journey to healing.  This book is one of many to help you start.

You can find the book by clicking here.

Look Alikes

When God called us to adopt, we had one week to prepare our home for a new little baby.  We didn’t know much about the birth mom, her care for her unborn baby or any of her medical history.  As we sat at the table with our other eight children, we asked them and ourselves many questions.  Are we willing to accept this baby, boy or girl?  Easy answer, “yes!”  Are we willing to accept this baby, deformations or disabilities?  Slower answer, “yes.”

With our first call, we began anticipating this new addition to our family.  It took a few days to process all the new responsibilities he would add and with that answer, our family has not looked back.

It is so amazing to see Ryland now.  Whenever we are out, we are often asked if he and Rhesa, his older very petite sister, are twins.  It is strange to see how he acts, talks, and smiles just like her.  From the first day at the hospital, Rhesa asked his birth mom, “Is this our new baby?”  Since then, she has dressed him, protected him, taught him to walk and talk, and to make very messy foods when they pretend cook.  They are inseparable.

When you look at some families, you immediately know that certain children are adopted.  Seeing Ryland, on the other hand, you would never know.  We are the same ethnicity, the same color tone, the same eye shade, the same hair texture; he looks just like I delivered him.

I know many families choose how they will tell their children they are adopted.  We have chosen to keep it ever before our children making sure they understand that we have all been adopted by God.  So the poignant question to me, am I looking like my adoptive family?

When I am at the store, are people able to see that I look like I am God’s adopted child?  Do I walk like Him, going places where He leads me?  Do I talk like Him?  Is it obvious in my speech that I belong to the family of God?  Do I look like Him?  Can the ones I come in contact with on any given day see that I spend a lot of time with my Heavenly Father?  Do I represent the family name?  As a Christian, am I a true representation of my Father’s name?

It melts my heart each time the phone rings and my little man runs to answer it.  “This is the McKelvy residence, Ryland speaking.”  Not one person on the other end of the phone would recognize that statement said from the voice of a three year old struggling to answer just as his older siblings and parents, but I understand every word.  As he mimics’ those he wants to look like, I want to mimic the One I want to look like.