Book – Say IT Loud!

Becoming your Husband’s Personal Cheerleader.


Want to be on a winning team?

Say It Loud! is cheer leading preparation for every married woman who desires that her family wins.  Life will try to hand you defeat, anguish  and disappointment but just as a cheerleader cheers for her team through the great, hard and difficult games, you  are the head cheerleader for your family team.



Say It Loud!  will inspire you to be the ultimate advocate for your family beginning with the encouragement of the man who has been called by God to lead your family. Your husband may not lead your family perfectly, but you will learn that he doesn’t have to be perfect for you to be his personal cheerleader and continually root him on to victory.
Everyone desires to be on the team that wins.  This book is your first step towards becoming the cheering wife that will Say It Loud!


Price: $13.95



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  • Karen Mcclellan

    I looking for the hard copy to purchase. Is there a way to do that today?

    • The paper back is now available and will be on special for $10.00 in just a little while! Blessings to you and your family, Robyn

      • karen McClellan

        Thank You so much! Can Not wait to read it! And will certainly, I am sure, be encouraging my friends to buy as well. PC changed my life and my marriage 10 years ago. Jesus really go ahold of my husband our very first year at PC. Love you sweet daughter and Trifecta too. Blessings and Thank you for being Bold for the Kingdom!

  • Barb Gaines

    Glad I read the comments below! I’m OLD, Robyn! I like the feel of “real” books! 🙂 Can’t wait to read your newest book! You’re getting to be quite the author!

  • T~Nae

    Hey Rob!!! Is the hard copy available yet? I too, like “to hold a book” in my hand, dog ear, jot notes, etc… Can’t wait to get it!

    • Robyn McKelvy

      Hey T-Nae,

      The hard copy is available. Call me for special pricing. Love you,

  • Kathy

    I need 6 copies quickly for a small group of ladies. Where can I get them?

  • Ray

    My wife is looking for a audio version of your book since she is legally blind and can not read regular books is an audio version available?

    • Robyn McKelvy

      My publisher says that there are ebook readers that will read books aloud that are downloaded to them. If you purchase the ebook and have the correct ebook reading device, it will read the book to them. (We will continue to look at recording an audio book and make it available on this website. Hope this helps.